As the seasons change from time to time, it urges us to deep cleanings our homes. While the summer halts and the winter season sets to come, it is the time when we change our wardrobes, exchange our beddings for a comforter, and basically prepare our houses for a cozy and warm season. If you are searching for the surefire ways to perform deep cleaning in your home especially now that we are facing the COVID-19 global pandemic, check out the following checklist, which will surely help you have your house as clean as ever.  

Know the difference between disinfecting, sanitizing, and cleaning 

Cleaning helps in eliminating grime and dirt, similar to how you sweep dirt and salt, which are tracked in your boots, off the porch. 

Meanwhile, disinfectants are specialized cleaners that can kill 99.9 percent of viruses, bacteria, and germs. If you are more interested to disinfect your home, instead of solely sanitizing, make sure to check the label and then precisely follow the instructions on how to use it.  

On the other hand, sanitizing can kill most germs from any surface and occurs as we use a cleaning product or when we do laundry. It is vital to keep in mind that cleaners should be utilized based on how they are instructed by the manufacturer especially the precise duration that they have to sit on wet surfaces. Also, take note that not all cleaners are disinfectants if ever you’re planning to sanitize an area of your house.  

Come up with a list 

For cleaning companies, the standard protocol is commonly cleaning from top to bottom and room by room. Adhering to this pattern in your own house will aid you in detailing your house more like a pro. Moreover, perhaps this is the perfect time when you can know the cleanliness level that you would like to get—does the surface just have a good wipe to be dust-free, or should it be touched and thus need disinfecting or sanitizing? Take note that cleaning should always take place first. And a list will prevent you from forgetting areas or from cross-contamination.  

Think about the importance of deep cleaning your home 

Most of the time, winter holidays encompass hospitality. Think about which spots in your house may require pre- and post-cleaning considering your visitors. What must be done to make your visitors feel at home and comfy? What must be considered to be communicated to help you and your household member to always keep comfortable and safe after and during your visitor’s stay? 

If you are not hosting any guest, consider what areas need to be thoroughly cleaned for you to keep your house smell and feel fresh while your windows and doors are closed. Consider the places that potentially result in airborne allergens, like air vents where mold could develop. 

Home deep cleaning can be a project for the entire family members, particularly because it just takes place a few times a year. But, if you’re all busy, you can always hire Santa Cruz house cleaning services whenever you want.