Because of the economic slowdown, the wine industry has been forced to adjust pricing and bring into line some of the out of control prices that Napa Cabernet’s were fetching, for example. During the housing boom prices were over inflated and out of wack, same was true for the wine industry. As in the housing slump, wine prices are now in a slump and there has been a serious pricing correction, which only means great deals to be found across the board. Additionally with a weaker Dollar vs. Euro, wines imported from Europe have dramatically decreased as opposed to wine imports from South America and Spain that have increased.

So, when you are perusing the wine isles at your favorite store, ask the wine steward what good deals he might have on hand. Right now wines that use to cost $80 - $100 a year ago are now down in the $50 - $70 dollar range. It may be a good time to pick up some collection wines or brands that you hope to hold on to for a special occasion. But most impressive are the prices you’ll find in South American wines. You can find some really great quality wines that are in the $15 to $25 dollar range and some amazing everyday drinkers in the $10-15 dollar group. Look for Argentinean wines from the Mendoza region, this is their “Napa Valley” and is where the best wines hail from. Don’t forget Chile or Uruguay, both are serious wine producers and are worthy of a taste.

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