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Thursday 9 July 2009

Muscadet a refreshing wine for summer

In the middle of summer, wine should be light and refreshing, like the 2005 Domaine de la Louvetrie Le Fief du Breil Muscadet.

If there is any wine that separates generations in this country, it has to be Muscadet. Americans older than 50 drank this light-bodied, high-acidity, citrus-tasting wine with shellfish and flounder decades before New Zealand ever sent a bottle of sauvignon blanc to these shores.

Conversely, those younger than 40 have rarely if ever chosen a bottle of Muscadet over the explosively citrus-flavored, intensely aromatic, fuller-bodied, bracingly tart New Zealand sauvignon blancs like Cloudy Bay, Craggy Range, Spy Valley, Matua Valley and many more.

One has only to look at restaurant wine lists to see the change. Muscadet has been reduced to an afterthought.

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A must-visit vineyard in Napa

In addition to receiving a number of requests for the names of wineries to visit in Napa Valley, a good friend called the other day and asked, “If I only have one day to spend in Napa, what would you suggest?” and I immediately responded: Spring Mountain.

Anyone who has driven north on Highway 29 through Napa Valley will recall the two-lane highway that is dotted with the entrances to some of the most well-known California wineries such as Robert Mondavi, Neibaum-Coppola (now called Rubicon), Opus One and Louis Martini, just to name a few. Every time I make this drive, I almost feel the exhilaration of using some of those old “E” tickets from the early days of Disney World, but instead of screaming down Space Mountain, I am slowly driving up Spring Mountain.

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Wine at foreclosure prices

One of the things that I hope to bring to my readers is a true perspective of what is going on in Wine industry and some behind the scenes insights to help you better understand wine. In this slow economy you may wonder how it can benefit you when it comes to enjoying that special bottle, well here’s how it works.

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