The entrepreneurial move into the domain of wine sales, highly regulated and taxed in Turkey, started when one of Hatzianastas' co-workers asked a rhetorical question. He asked me could we sell Greek wines in Turkey?' said Hatzianastas. The distributor originally thought of bringing a unique taste to Turkey, Retsina, a wine with a strong resin taste. Interested in the Turkish market, Tsantalis agreed.

As Turkey's wine industry is trying to make its wines more palatable to both tastes and pockets with the production of cheaper bottles of better tasting wine, keeping the prices down was a challenge for Hatzianastas and his partners. It took 15 months for the wine to get state approval and the wines that are very affordable in Greece received a 189 percent price increase after they cleared customs. In the end, Halkidiki (one of the Tsantalis labels) was inexpensive compared to other imported wines at YTL 20 after taxes, said Hatzianastas.

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